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Viper Security Residential Security

Residential Security

There is no other place that needs more safeguarding than your residence when it comes to safety and security. Regardless if you are a single person or a family knowing that your residence is secure and safe Viper Security can provide that 24/7 security to assure that you and your family are safe.

Viper Security Home Owners Security

HOA Communities

Having a security presence in HOA communities are as important as the members of the community itself. Being able to build relationships with members of the community so they have the confidence that we are there to provide them with safety and security is an essential element of being a part of a great community.

Commercial Security

Commercial Security

When it comes to protecting and securing commercial property bringing that added layer of security and insurance that business are able to have confidence that their property is being monitored and secured.

Viper Security Transport Escort

Transport Escorting

When you just sometimes need that extra layer of safety for transportation situations Viper Security is there to assist. Should you require to have a convoy or a simple transport escort we can fulfill those needs.

Medical Facility Security

Healthcare Facilities

Being able to provide patients with the sense of security within a healthcare facility can sometimes determine whether the patient will decide to use a potential healthcare facility. If you are uncertain as to what level of security is required for your facility Viper Security can help put a program together to accommodate just the right touch.

Armed or Unarmed Security

Armed/Unarmed Security

One size does not fit all, that is why at Viper Security we provide the right fit for the right situation. We provide both armed & unarmed security. Each one of our guards are required to have extensive training and are prepared for the right situation with the right amount of security.

Event Security

Event Security

If you are planning on hosting an event, concert, or some special gathering knowing that there is a presence of security helps makes those events that more enjoyable. Being able to know that your event is being coordinated by the professionals at Viper Security will reassure that your event goes according to plan.

Fire Watch

Fire Watch

Often, fires can either be prevented or detected before the majority of the property is destroyed by a fire. That is why having the Viper Security in place to have fire watch patrols are also essential in protecting your property and identifying potential hazards along with early detection of fires. 

Roving Patrol

Roving Patrol

Sometimes foot patrol is not enough, having mobile guards provides that expanded perimeter of security that you can expect from Viper Security. Those looking to cause harm or damage to property and then seeing a visible presence provides that extra deterrence that provides an additional layer of security. 

Financial Institution Security

Financial Institutions

There are situations that require more than just your average security. Protecting those valuable assets are not just a need but a necessity and Viper Security takes those necessities seriously. When marginal security is not an option Viper Security is there to take on those challenges and provide the high-quality level of security that our clients expect.


Personal Bodyguards​

Our trained professional guards have many years of experience in executing personal safety. We are capable of deploying our guards into many unique and different situations at a moments notice. We can provide security as simple as an escort up to a high-profile team. Knowing that your personal safety is always front and center and that is why we continually train our staff to make certain they are keeping up with the latest techniques and tactics.